NHW NSW-Communication-Policy-May-2020

  • Media and communications, both in printed form (e.g. brochures, newsletters and signs) and electronic (e.g. website, Facebook, electronic direct marketing, e-newsletters, video and other forms of social media), are important means for Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales to communicate with the community.
  • This policy provides guidance to Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales employees, members and volunteers on the use of all forms of media and communications, including social media, and political neutrality.

Membership Policy

  • Neighbourhood Watch relies on its members (volunteers) to implement its programs to reduce crime and increase safety in the community.
  • This policy describes the forms of membership within Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales and describes the process by which applicants for membership are to be accredited.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the personal information handling practices of Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales. It applies to all Neighbourhood Watch employees, volunteers, contractors and members who are engaged in Neighbourhood Watch activities.

Commercial Agreement Policy

We are committed to ensuring that fundraising and commercial activities of Neighbourhood Watch throughout New South Wales are carried out in an ethical and professional manner that takes into account the structure of the organisation and also allows for remuneration to the parts of the organisation involved in generating the revenue.

Brand Identity

Our brand identity guidelines ensure that the Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales brand elements are used consistently. They provide information and tools and set the standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces, colours, images and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging and electronic communications.