Two years ago, everything was different.

Now that I look back I realise that two years can do a lot to a person.


So what is the Neighbourhood Network Program?

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns has significantly changed the world around and is a new learning curve for everyone. The use of smartphones to sign into places that we attend, the use of videoconferencing and telehealth, the dissemination of information through social media and websites and just an over all change in lifestyle that used  to be considered useful.

While most people have managed to adapt to these new conditions we need to take into consideration the vulnerable population in our community that may be having trouble with this new way of life, our seniors.

The Neighbourhood Network Program is a series of factsheets, information and ideas that communities can put in place to ensure that the seniors in the communities are ok and don't feel alone, cut off, confused, scared, or depressed.

How can I help?

Be aware of how many seniors are in your community, think about ways that you could help them and take a look at the factsheets below that have information that can help seniors in the community as give you ideas on things that you can do to make a difference.


Please click on the factsheets and information sheets below for suggestions to help the seniors in your community.

We are all in this together

Written, performed and copyright by Christine Clarke 

Video reproduced with permission from Artist.