The history of Neighbourhood Watch begins on 15th June 1983 in Kananook which is a suburb of Frankston Victoria and not in New South Wales. This was  the first meeting and the first Neighbourhood Watch program started in Australia.

After watching the success and popularity of the program in Victoria during it's first year the New South Wales Police Force decided to introduce Neighbourhood Watch to New South Wales communities as part of their community policing initiative.

So on the 3rd of December 1984 in Campsie a suburb of Sydney the first Neighbourhood Watch meeting in New South Wales was held. It was a great success and by the 1986 there was 300 Neighbourhood Watch Groups with a further 173 proposed groups to be formed the following year in 1987.

For over 35 years the Neighbourhood Watch brand and logo has become an easily identifiable and trusted symbol of the organisation and a sense of community.

While the core business of Neighbourhood Watch is Crime prevention and education and has grown into so  much more and now also encourages neighbours to help neighbours and promotes communities connecting with it's members.

In December 2018, 34 years after that first meeting Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales Incorporated was formed. The idea behind this formation was for Neighbourhood Watch in New South Wales to become self -governing. 

The New South Wales Police Force had done a wonderful job of caretaking the organisation for the first 34 years and now it was time for the organisation to take responsibility for it's future growth into the next 34 years.

The advances in technology and social media also saw changes in the type of crimes being committed. Where once the concerns were break and enter, car theft and robbery we now see new crimes such as identity theft, fraud and scams.  

However on the other side of these technology advances and social media there is the potential for Neighbourhood Watch New South Wales to reach many more people over wider areas through Neighbourhood Watch social media sights.